Alert: XBI calendar roll and add calendar

Ticker: XBI
Price: $85.52
Date: 2/15/23 11:50 am
Underlying: S&P Biotech ETF

Est. Net Debit: $2420

Master Portfolio Contracts: 20

Notes: We are going to roll out our 17-FEB 88 puts and then we are adding a new calendar spread

Trade Detail:

Trade Action 1: roll existing short puts
BTC 20x 17-FEB 88 put
STO 20x 3-MAR 88 put

Price: 0.80 – 0.84 credit

Trade Action 2: open new calendar spread
BTO 20x 21-APR 83 put
STO 20x 3-MAR 83 put

Price: 2.01 debit

Net price: 1.21 debit