Alert: Adjustment – CAT adjustment

Ticker: CAT
Price: $215.87
Date: 3/24/23 11:45 am
Underlying: Caterpillar

Master Portfolio Contracts: 10

Notes: We are adding a very short-term calendar to CAT to prop up the profit. The goal with this trade it to take some short profits and keep the adjustments cheap. This trade will cost less than 2k and will only be in it for 1-2 weeks. Keep the core PUT position in place.

Trade Detail:
+10 CAT 14-APR 215 put
-10 CAT 6-APR 215 put

Trade Price: Mid price at 1.25.  Natural at 1.55 debit (work the order slowly. You want to pay as little as possible)

Trade Position After Adjustments:

+10 CAT 16-JUN 230 put
-10 CAT 28-APR 235 put

+10 CAT 14-APR 215 put
-10 CAT 6-APR 215 put