Alert: Open SPX Dragonfly

Ticker: SPX
Price: $4084.29
Date: 4/6/23 12:45 PM

Underlying: S&P 500 Index Fund

Est. Net Debit/Credit: $540 credit

Master Portfolio Contracts: 4

NOTE:  We are trading the afternoon contract.  Do not trade the 21 APR (AM) contracts.

Trade Detail:

BTO +4x  SPX 21 APR 4025 put
STO -8x SPX 21 APR 3990 put
BTO +4x SPX 21 APR 3925 put

Price: 0.70 – 1.30 (Prices are wide!)  Start at the high range and drop slowly.  We test filled one and received 1.20 in credit.

Margin Requirement: $11,965