Alert: XBI close

Ticker: XBI
Price: $86.01
Date: 5/19/23 10:14 am
Underlying: S&P Biotech ETF

Master Portfolio Contracts: 20


Some if not all of us were assigned the upper put strikes this morning or last night. The master portfolio was assigned 2000 shares. With XBI being up a little bit today we can scalp a few profits off this.

Trade Detail (if assigned):

Trade #1: sell back your shares to the market. At the time we are putting together this alert, the XBI is trading at 86.01.

Trade #2:  Sell to close your long 90 put which has some profits for about $6 credit.

Trade #3: sell your 83 put calendar spread for about 2.54 credit.

BTC the 19 May 83 put
STC the 21 Jul 83 put

Trade Detail (if not assigned):

For those that were not assigned, you can close your 90 and 83 put spreads for credits.

Trade #1: Sell/Close the 19 May 83 put/21 July 83 put for a credit of around 2.54.

BTC the 19 May 83 put
STC the 21 Jul 83 put

Trade #2: sell/close the 19 May 90 put/21 July 90 put for a credit of around 1.95 credit

BTC the 19 May 90 put
STC the 21 Jul 90 put

Position after trade detail:

Out of the trade.  We will reload a trade later in the day.