Alert: Trade Adjustment – SMH

Ticker: SMH
Price: $153.40
Date: 6/13/23 11:55 am EST
Underlying: Vaneck Semiconductor ETF

Est. Net Credit/Debit: $4000 debit

Master Portfolio Contracts: 10 (and 7)

Notes: With today’s CPI numbers market remains in full risk on mode. Our SMH calendar has moved outside the upper range so we are adding a diagonal call spread to it for adjusting. We will then close the put spread later this week and manage the call spread as an ongoing PMCC.

TRADE ACTION: Open a new diagonal for around 8.15 – 8.25 debit

BTO SMH 18 AUG 150 call
STO SMH 16 JUN 155 call

Master Portfolio is trading 7 contracts (which is less than the existing position)


+10 SMH 18 AUG 145 put
-10 SMH 16 JUN 145 put
+7 SMH 18 AUG 150 call (note the different number of contracts)
SMH 16 JUN 155 call (note the different number of contracts)