Alert: Close and Re-Open – XBI

Ticker: XBI
Price: $88.19
Date: 6/15/23 11:00 am
Underlying: S&P Biotech ETF

Master Portfolio Contracts: 30

Notes:  We are going to close out of this position for profits.  We opened the position for around 1.60 – 1.70.   We’re seeing closing prices range from 2.27 – 2.32.  Depending on your fills, that’s a profit of over $1800!

We are going to let prices settle today and look to re-open the position tomorrow. 

Trade Detail: Close position for a credit of around 2.27 – 2.32

STC 30 XBI 21 JUL 88 put
BTC 30 XBI 16 JUN 88 put

Position after trade detail: