Alert: Trade Open – SMH

Ticker: SMH
Price: $160.25
Date: 7/14/23 10:45 am EST
Underlying: Vaneck Semiconductor ETF

Est. Net Credit/Debit: $410 debit ($3000 in margin)

Master Portfolio Contracts: 10


Due to market conditions, we are going to apply the butterfly/dragonfly tactic to SMH. While we have not traded this tactic in other tickers in the service while I was testing these I had good success with SMH. We are going out 21 DTE to expand our range. This trade will need an adjustment to be profitable to the upside but we can wait until early to mid-week next week before we need the adjustment. 


TRADE ACTION 1: Open a butterfly for a debit of around 0.38 – 0.47 

BTO (10) SMH 4 AUG 155 put
STO (20) SMH 4 AUG 150 put
BTO (10) SMH 4 AUG 142 put


+ (10) SMH 4 AUG 155 put
– (20) SMH 4 AUG 150 put
+ (10) SMH 4 AUG 142 put